About Coco and the Sunny Side

My name is Courtney, if you know me well – chances are you call me Coco.

And if you know me well, chances are you also have at least a dozen email and mailing addresses under my name in your address books and contact archives. I have never been one to settle down or keep things too tidy.

From national political campaigns, to launching consumer product brands, to serving as an appointee in the White House, or traveling the world working for NGOs and private sector organizations, my career in communications and marketing could aptly be summarized by the phrase “never a dull moment.” My role and my thrill in all of these positions has always been to try to capture and tell the compelling human stories that matter.

My own story involves a passion for my work, as well as for my beloved family and friends – especially my boys, Felix and Oliver…and their papa.

I have been very lucky to experience some amazing journeys and to meet some incredible people in my life. One of these beautiful people taught me that no matter how busy you are, there’s always time to cross the street to get to the sunny side…

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