Happy Birthday Shot@Life!

shot_at_life_badge_300x250One of the incredible parts of being involved in the Shot@Life effort is meeting others who are also rallying for this important cause and to learn about their stories and ways they are engaged in this movement. I recently had the chance to ask new Champion Sili Recio about her involvement with Shot@Life. My questions and Sili’s answers are below!

Why did you get involved with Shot@Life?

I was born in a third world country. Though I moved to the states a month before my 5th birthday and had never missed an immunization up until then, I know others are not as fortunate. Going back to the Dominican Republic every summer allowed me to grow up understanding that there were some privileges here that others could not and might never have.  My mother was a big proponent and helper of children and I think I followed in her steps. I have the opportunity to continue her legacy by bringing awareness to the needs of so many children around the globe and how easily we can help. My mother lost her first child at 8 months old and in his honor I stand to prevent any number of the 1.5 million deaths that occur every year due to lack of vaccines. Can you imagine being able to save a child’s life with $20? That blows my mind every time I think about it.

Tell me in your own words about the Shot@Life Champions:

We are a community of people who understand that we may not be able to solve all of the problems of the world but that should not stop us from attempting to solve some. At least, that’s how I see it.  Shot@Life made sense for me. Being the mother of a 3-year old, I cannot imagine the possibility of losing her due to something that we sometimes fight on this side of the pond.

Why Shot@Life?

I was introduced to Shot@Life by a group of women that I love and admire.  Seeing their hard work in the last year really made me want to join in to their efforts. It takes a village, right?


Check out Sili’s blog at: http://mymamihood.com …and join the Shot@Life Birthday Bash here: http://shotatlife.org/blog/its-our-birthday-lets-celebrate-together.html